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Classification and Compensation


DHR's Classification and Compensation Unit is responsible for classifying the City’s positions and management of MOU and Municipal Code provided compensation.  In addition, the Classification and Compensation Unit supports the following functions:

  • Civil Service System through the management of classification actions and appeals;
  • Labor Negotiations through the performance of salary surveys, costing and contract administration; and
  • Payroll through the establishment and maintenance of rates of pay, premiums and lump sum payments.

Steven Ponder, DirectorClassification and Compensation                                                                              (Steve.Ponder@sfgov.org )

  • MCCP Range B & C Appointments
  • Overtime Ordinance Exemptions


Client Services Consulting Division

  • Departments should consult directly with their Client Services Consultant regarding the initiation of any classification updates

Anne Marie Monroe, Supervising Human Resources Consultant 

  • Classification Actions and Appeals

Rich David, Senior Classification and Compensation Analyst 
(Rich.David@sfgov.org )

  • Extended Ranges (Local 21)
  • Salary Surveys
  • Suspension of "Z" Symbol


Classification and Compensation Data

Memorandums of Understanding (MOUs)

Local 21


Compensation Administration

Classification and Compensation Forms

Classification Administration

Health and Retirement



















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