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Joint Labor-Management Committee on Health and Wellness

Joint Labor-Management Committee on Health and Wellness (JLMCHW)

There are many challenges facing health care systems today, from costs and sustainability to incentives for participation in wellness programs.  The City and County of San Francisco (CCSF) and Labor Leaders have entered into a joint process to explore opportunities for improving Health and Wellness programs provided to CCSF employees.

September 24, 2012—Kick-Off meeting with Mayor Ed Lee

Labor Management Kick-Off Presentation

October 22, 2012—1st Informational meeting

JLMCHW Agenda 10-22-12
Health Service System Health Plans 101

October 29, 2012—2nd Informational meeting

JLMCHW Agenda 10-29-12 

November 20, 2012—3rd Informational meeting

JLMCHW Agenda 11-20-12
Health Service System Wellness Presentation
Controller's Wellness Project Presentation
County Stastical Area Health Maintenance Organization Health Premium Survey
County Stastical Area Health Maintenance Organization Contribution Comparison

December 19, 2012—4th Informational meeting

JLMCHW Agenda 12-19-12
Community Campaigns for Quality Care Presentation

January 28, 2013—5th Informational meeting

JLMCHW Agenda 1-28-13
Controller's Office Wellness Project Update
HSS Cost Drivers Presentation

February 25, 2013—6th meeting

JLMCHW Agenda 2-25-13  

April 22, 2013—7th meeting

JLMCHW Agenda 4-22-13 

May 29, 2013—8th meeting

JLMCHW Agenda 5-29-13
Wellness Statement
Transparency Statement

June 24, 2013—9th meeting

JLMCHW Agenda 6-24-13 
Wellness Program Comparison Matrix Survey ver 6-24-13 

July 22, 2013—10th meeting






















































































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